saye sangat sangat ADMIRE kat awak
admireable sangat aq nih , pasal sume nie aq hilang kawan kawan . bukan saya minx untuk minat awak , bukan saya pakse diri saya minat awak . tapi benda nie ikhlas datang dari hati . hanye minta perasaan ini dihargai .

saya kenal awak dari kawan yang saya dah anggap macam kembar sekaki sebulu tau . study same same , gelak ketawa same same , senyom same same . tapi tue sume x lame , and it change pasal salah saya . atas dasar sifat jelousy yang amat sangat tuh . saye tahu awak rapat ngan kawan saya , saya tahu awak minat die , saya tahu awak selalu dengar masalah die . at first , bole lha saye sabar . days by days , maken sayang pulak kat awak ! days by days perasaan jelous tu semakin membuak tengok awak hepy ngan die . my beloved friend , i just tell you and advice you some . tapi awak maken benci saya ? you said everyday you cry about that rubbish problem ! i don't ask you to tears that . what am i ? how pain my heart when see you with him , how heart my ears heard you are always hanging with him ? do you think ! your answer only aq memang rapat ngan die ! yes i know it very much ! but can you control your attitude ? 

frenz : ko ingat x kite gado macam mane ? your new bff yg inform kat i yang you kononnya rapat ngan si dia sebab nak balas dendam ! dats why i serang u malam tuh ! if not ? ade ke i nak serang ? x lha . but nowadays u let me go slowly from your life , and you slowly approve her to replace my place . occay dear ! i know she much better than me , she can make you smile , and she will never hurt you ! not like mine , who always hurt you and never make you happy . yes i know who i am now . i really hope you found your truely bestfried now . that enough foe me to know that you happy everyday .

everyday only think about him . an accident make me sad one day :
i went to kenduri after tuisyen classes at dewan jubli intan . on my first step enter , i see u . i give a smile to you , but you ignore me either . so sad :( . i feel like so empty that day ! my day full off tears think about you . i tried to forget about you , but can't . because i'm too admire you . until now ! i'm still thinking about you ! every day , every hour , every minute , every second ! 

problems come again now ! what damn thing ! ridicilous ! i dah x disturb your life , i try to throw my jeolousy , but how come someone said you will not close to that boy anymore ? i x halang pon kan ? i know who i am . i realise that the boy is not mine ! 

how suffer i am when seeing every status you made had a single word that i hate "sedih" . kalo bole , i want to see u and want you to tell me what really happen ? but cannot . i realise that the present of i in your life make you more suffer . so i just keep quiet and don't know nothing about you ! 

dear frinds , hapiness are in front of your eyes . you made yourself feeling sad . let the sad go and go chase your happiness ! i pray the best for you . i'm sorry because i never understand u . so sorry to all my fault to you dear . hapiness will come if you know how to find !

boy ! i really love you sincerely ! but i know you will never been mine . i know ! i wish the most happy things foe you . i want you to know that i always remember you more than u think . and never tired to think about you !
POSTED BY Elly Nadia Prada ON 02 April 2011 @ 5:15 PM
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