I Dont Know I Can
Assalamualaikum and Goodmorning . Malam semalam dapat tidur yang lena sebab hero saya Zizan Razak telah memenangi Maharaja Lawak Mega 2012 . Even ada yang kata Jozan tak layak menang then diorang menang sebab populariti je , so kenapa competition before ni diorang tak menang ? Im sure kalau Johan tak sakit kaki mesti diorang akan buat lagi bagus ! Btw congrates jugak to SHIRO sebab lawak musikal diorang semalam alahaiii *melting* sweet gila XD So dengan pagi pagi yang tengah hujan then my classmates tengah tunggu dekat sekolah sebab nk kemas kelas , jari ni giat menaip dekat papan kekunci ni :)

Cuma nak cerita lately ni i had one new hobby . Yaa i dont know i had talent on drawing -,- I just doodling something easy and it was terrible then i try another and i think its quiet okayy . Okayy whatever let see here :)

This is my first try to do the tribal Duty Roster . Seriously i prefer to use pencil then fine art pen , sharpine , marker and so on . I think its bad -,-

This is my second try call MUSIC EXPRESSION ! I thing my handwritting is bad -,- Kayy i know IM SORRY :3

Dear lips lets smile . Stop faking it . I dont know why but i love this . All the ghost seem so cute :3 Perasan kan ? Ksorry lagi XD

It sexy when a girl bite his lower lips . So hey boy . Blow me some kiss :3 It was fail but im tring hard to draw the lips . Maybe it dont look perfect but YAA i had tried !

This is MY FIRST TRY on anime . I love the hair and that cute school uniform . How i wish my i can school uniform like that :(

This is my last drawing to show . It request from my junior . A sweet couple and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY on this 25/1 . 

This is my latest drawing . All my drawing will be shown at my instagram . Search je @ellyprada then u will find my insta :) 

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Nadia Khairullah 

POSTED BY Elly Nadia Prada ON 19 January 2013 @ 9:01 AM
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